Northeast Gatherings

2007 Fly In

The 2007 gathering at the Kolb Farm was once again a tremendous event. Many of those who had participated in previous gatherings came back as well as a number of new participants. No matter who came, where they came from, repeat participants or first timers, they all shared the common bond..... members of the Kolb extended family. Most of this year's participants are listed below. If we missed getting the names of others, we apologize.
Scott Olendorf, Albany, NY - Original Firestar Loyd Peterson, Fairfax, Va - MK III Extra
John Donato, Northern NJ - Twinstar Thom Riddle & Bob Bean, Buffalo, NY - Allegro
John Williamson, Texas - Kolbra Dominick Bonanno, Northern NJ - Original Firestar
Alan Mancus, South Jersey - Original Firestar Bill Varnes, South Jersey - Original Firestar
Terry Frantz, Lancaster Co., PA - Firefly Gene Zimmerman, Lancaster Co., PA - Firestar II
Earl Zimmerman, Lancaster Co., PA - Firestar II Eddie Zimmerman, Lancaster Co., PA - MK II
Luray Weachter, Lancaster Co., PA - Sling Shot Willie Zimmerman, Lancaster Co., PA - Firestar II
John Murr, Lancaster Co., PA - Original Firestar Dan Walter, Lebanon Co., PA - Ultrastar
Chuck Davis, Lancaster Co., PA - Firefly
John Hauck, AL Jim Hauck, FL Dick Kuntzleman, PA
David Kulp, PA Dick Rayhill, PA Bill Martin, PA
Rick Klebon, PA Dave Starbuck, HI Scott Bentley, PA
George Alexander, FL    

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