Below are links to sections of this web site that show a variety of applications developed for "Trailering a Kolb".

They include set ups used exclusively for transporting a folded Kolb aircraft from one point to another.   Some are used as a hangar and only moved occasionally.   Others are used for both transport and storage.

The individuals who have these trailers are shown with their respective email addresses. If you have any questions, concerning their particular application, please contact them. This statement was true when this site was created. May not be true currently.   Pays your money and takes your chances.
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email address
Replace the (at) with the @ sign
Steven Green - MKIII Kolbdriver(at)
Chris Mallory - FS II wcm(at)
Richard Swiderski - Sling Shot rswiderski(at)
Beauford Tuton - Fire Fly - - -
Larry Cottrell - Firestar lcottrell1020(at)
Dennis Kirby - MK III Dennis.Kirby(at)
George Alexander - Firestar II gtalexander(at)
Dave Pelletier - MK III - - -
Terry Davis - Firestar davistcs(at)
Jim Swan - Firestar II Arksey(at)
Gene Ledbetter - Firefly gdledbetter(at)
Rick Neilsen - MK III NeilsenRM(at)
Mike Pierzina - Firestar II planecrazzzy(at)
Gary Aman - MK IIIC zeprep251(at)
A collection of photos of several
trailers contributed by Will Uribe
Dana Hague - Ultrastar d-m-hague(at)
Scott Thompson - MK III Xtra - - -
David Kulp - Firefly undoctor(at)

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